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Just wondering where the distributer is located.
What is the eco/power button button for?
2002 kia sportage 2.0 has severe oil leak in the front upper engine. could this be a cam seal leak or hopefully a really bad valve cover gasket. If it is a cam seal, are they nasty to change.
When I step on the gas, the knocking sound gets louder, Im losing power up hills, and some smoking from the hood
The light on dash shows it is in 4x4 but the front wheels don't spin
Does a bad intake gasket cause the car idle rough or sluggish take off?
when I first drive my car after it has been sitting trying to turn left feels like I am wrestling a manual steering car. It goes away if I drive for more the 5 min but kinda scarry. Any ideas
been to kia 3 separate times while it was still under warranty & they claimed they couldn't figure what the prob. was. No longer under warranty & problem is now worse... Can barely pump gas into the tank without it blowin all over me. what to do??
Oil in 4th spark plug
Dear sir: I have spent a considerable sum of money trying to fix the code 128 problem on my KIA SPORTAGE, 2002. Just last month the vehicle almost overheated on me and I had to get the radiator replaced despite the 128 code being locked on. I had the vehicle towed to a reputable mechanic in the local area who worked on the cause for the overheating problem and he was unable to fix the light, code 128, from coming on.

In addition, I took vehicle to two competent mechanics and they replaced thermostat, sensors, gaskets, wires..., but the check engine light is still on and it still reads code 128. Please tell me if I should disregard light and not worry about it anymore. The last dealer told me to take it to dealership because "maybe they are withholding something about the vehicle".

I want to drive about 400 miles in the upcoming days and want to know your best advice about this whole matter. Thanks, Pat Vecch

My e-mail address is as follows:

Please send me the e-mail because there is greater chance that I will get your reply. I hope that you can bring some clarity into this dilemma of mine. My general opinion is that the KIA Sportage, 2002, has some type ofg manufacture's defect that the KIA people at this point in time have not had to make public, but I can be wrong.
engine sputters at idle, especially with a/c on, replaced
fuel filter still sputters. Car has 119k, no engine lights
how to find plugs.And also how to set timing.
i was driving and all of sudden my car went in nutral gear and i pull on the side and took near by repair shop they told me ineed to replace whole moter. when they open the timing belt chamber it was not broken only slips off the pully . is any way possible to fine out is my whole engine is need to replace or what to do .
igition 1 fuse blows intermently
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