2001 Kia Sportage Questions

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The car died while driving. Its acting like its not getting fuel. The filter is got good flow. What else can i do?
along with fixing an oil leak
Turn the key to start, sputters and dies, hit the key and it will start on the second try, what is the problem?
The car starts rough and dies, then starts and runs rough for a few minutes befor smoothing out, only when you first start it
moved kia forward and when I backed up, got stuck, would not move at all. Will not go forward or even in neutral now. pulled off back brake drum, everything looks fine on brakes.
I have no more details.
When I turn my heat on my sportage idles at 3000+ when in park.
:Just replaced the Starter
:it will crank like it wants to srtart but wont .fuel pump is not cturning on at all
Helpme find thr problemplease
Just replace new maintenance free battery but after 20km run battery is drain and won't start.while running no horn and light is dim. I charge the battery for few mins it start but battery is weak can't even blow horn.what is proposed troubleshot?
While driving my car began to chime as an indicatotion that one of the doors was open. After stopping and checking the doors and realizing all of them were closed. I got back in and it began again and has not gone off yet.
2001 KIA Sportage
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