2000 Kia Sportage Questions

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Curious if it jas them or not
I think my starter is bad or either I have a electrical problem cause my car starts when it wants to but the radio and stuff comes on and it's not the alternator or battery cause I already replaced them both
I need to know where to go get it fix. I need to have dighostic
My car vibrates very bad when i start it n runs poorly
Does not turn over, was working fine, running well, now nothing, just click sound when key turned to start. Click sound under dash maybe hard to say. manual trans, replaced clutch pedal switch, did nothing!
Did it without disconnecting the battery first, Now, the stupid airbag light on dash blinks. How to get rid of blinking without using black tape to cover the annoying blinking
various windows don't work after putting in Master power window switch on driver's front side. Different windows than before:Fixed disconnect battery any time mess with the car.
no sound, no engine check, found out it's the relay underneath the hood. Fixed
What belt is the belt I pulled out I know it can't be the drive belt because the car runs perfect. But I think it has a certain belt but I can't find a belt that looks similar.
I press on the gas oedle in park and it well rive up but when i put it on reverse or on drive and press on the gas pedle it wont go
Is there a way to get this open and the latch that attach to wire is it look like bent
Runs good after starting. Does this every time. I put maf sensor, 3 idle sensors, new battery. Speed sensor. Gas control sensor. Check engine light not on so I am baffled since it runs good after starting. I also adjusted the gas feed cable screw.
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