1999 Kia Sportage Questions

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Pumps only delivers fuel in start position
I vhanged it 2 times and it stil btokr
so i was changing the starter with my stepdad and we took off the top part of the intake and left it there and closed the hood for the next day and when we put everything back together i noticed a piece broke off right under the intake manifold that connects to the engine so now i have to replace it it but i dont know what its called. it looks like a little plug that connects right to the engine and looks like itsfor coolant.
my heater Blows good but doesn't heat up or defrost. Could be the thermostat cloged,or Heater Core went out.
we had to replace the heater core as well during this repair. major pain.
My locks don't work. I need to fix it by my self please help
I need to know if it is in the fuel tank or on the fire wall. My dad is helping me fix it.
what would cause this? And how is it fix without replacing whole dash?
Me and my dad changed the belts the heater core the head gasket and the computer but there is still water getting in the oil what could it be
usually does this after filling tank
What do I need to do to repair them
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