2009 Kia Spectra Questions

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I hear and feel a jerk when the car KIA reaches 30 mil to 40 per hr.
No noises at all. Father in law said battery is fairly new
no noises when stops, did happen like every 3 wks now 2 or 3 times a day
I have a 2009 Kia spectra it is over heating both when moving and when at a stop I have checked ac fan it's working and so is the fan behind the radiator The car is not leaking any fluid that is noticeable could it be a clogged radiator or possible the water pump
well, ac starts well when first started then after running few miles, cooling starts dropping when I am stuck in traffic at low speed. I turn off the ac as it s blowing hot air. then little later I turn on ac again the cooling comes on again but few minutes later the warm air starts blowing.
What cause this
Car misfiring idle high after stop and go..things replaced...spark plugs..crank shaft sensor and now fuse panel help!
bit going into second gear.would a heavy gear oil like a 80 slow down the syncro
to engage second without grinding
CAR worked fine yesterday. No indications of any problems. Went to go start it, Turned the igintion on all ligihts came on usual effects of dashlights, but no crank,
how soon should i fix? i have no symptoms. can i wait 3 more weeks since funds are low. any idea how much to fix. thanks
drove to work no problem, going home, started car put into reverse, backed up, put into drive and nothing, will not move, back to reverse, small clunk but moves normally in reverse, put into drive and nothing. Check eng lite came on during second try. checked fluid level, ck ok
Steer shaft has light scratchy sound when cornering. No apparent leaks or cracks. Sounds happened about 1 week ago.
Steer shaft has light scratchy sound when cornering. No apparent leaks or cracks.
I'm in the middle of moving so yesterday morning I moved my car into my drive way so I could load stuff into it. I forgot that I left all my doors open while I went back inside to pack up more stuff (about 20 minutes). I came back out and tried to leave but my car was completely dead (no lights door chime radio clock NOTHING) I thought it was just a dead battery so I tried to jump start it and nothing,. I tried to charge the battery over night Nothing. I even put a new battery in it and still nothing. What is wrong???
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