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The carpet on the driver side front and back is soaking wet
When coming up on a stop sign or red light.etc....Car will fall down into low gear..very hard jerk like being hit from behind..its a 2008 kia spectra..105.540 miles we took battery cable loose left off for few min...then worked fine for couple weeks..Did the same thing again engine lights comes on or anything
Blow motor was fixed about two years ago...only blows heat...but when changed to AC setting it does not blow at all. What could be causing this problem..need replace whole system, part of it or what? Help
Battery went dead. Attempt to restart yielded nothing other than the alarm started and would not stop. Removed battery and charged fully. Attempt to replace battery not successful as alarm again started and could not be stopped.
I turn off the car and turn it back on, the check engine light turn off and the car drive good.
This problem occurs three times a day and then wont occur for a week to a month, it mainly occurs at speed between 20 to 30.

Drove 14 miles home after dealer performed Xmission fluid change. Smelled burning on way home. No fluid registered on dipstick when got home. Dealer was called said bring car back. Drove 14 miles back to dealership. Since "corrected", whine has remained while driving. Was the 28 miles enough to create the problem? What should be checked? How large and expensive to understand if problem. Or cost to correct potential damage?
Vehicle was pristine when purchased, and cared for very carefully.
After minor front end damage, the key will not shut off completely, and key is stuck in the ignition, which is causing the clock to stay lit, and afraid the battery will die. Is there any way to lock the ignition, and remove key??? The car will not lock as long as the key is in the on position with key fob!
when driving the pedal sticks and sometimes have trouble stopping
Often on my 2008 Kia Spectra the air only blows
when I bang on the compressor. I've already clean
the filter and checked out the compressor it seems
to be working great when I put it back together
shortly after the same problem is there.
It won't pass emissions I replaced the o2sensor throttle body mission sensor and the iac
And drove it 500 miles and still won't go online

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