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Recently my brake lights stopped working I've checked the fuses no problems I've also replaced bulbs and brake lights still not working.
I took my car to get a smog text and they told me that drive cycle. And I got fix my main sensor too coz my engine light was on and I get to the smog test they told me drive cycle
Hello, So I have a 2007 Kia Spectra with 145,500 miles on it and my check engine light will go on and then off a few times a month. I went to several places and did a test for the check engine light and it came up with 6 codes. P0700 = Transmission Control System Malfunction. P0743 = Torque converter clutch circuit electrical. P0750 = Shift Solenoid A P0755 = Shift Solenoid B P0760 = Shift Solenoid C P0765 = Shift Solenoid D The check engine light off again, but the codes above are the only codes that will come up. Kia said I need a new tranny, but when I took it to a tranny shop they said its electoral. The tranny will downshift once or twice a week. When this happen the engine light will come on. The car will accelerate slowly and would not shift. I will turn the car off and 2 mins later I will turn it on and it will drive normal
Sometimes it will blow but, for few seconds. I recently brought a new blower motor but it still having the same problem.
Kia specia 2007 EL
I can't take the car out of park even when I press the brake. I was told there is a switch that allows the . Automatic transmission be taken out of park.
Okay I was driving down the interstate and I was getting off on my exit and my car shut off . It was steaming but not too bad it wasn't snapping and popping and all that did notice that the radiator hose had come off the radiator and had a piece of the plastic top with it had to get towed home put a radiator on it and noticed that there was no alternator belt which runs water pump 2. Got an alternator belt on it it still won't crank it wants to you can tell me how it is wanting to kick in but it won't need help if you can
And when I hit 70 mph it stays on 4 rpm. Like it doesn't want to change gears.
need to move car how can i get it started? dont care if it damages anything !!
So far head lights are not affected. What should I check? A loose wire somewhere?
Has there been a recall on these cars ?
How to fix a wiper motor.
How do I change broken lug nut bolt.
The fan motor does not blow air.
as said the KIA spectra takes two to three tries to start the engine cranks and after it starts it runs smooth and starts after driving
replaced alternator, replaced battery. started little things over time that might be computer. Drove great across town. on way back started acting like battery dead. Than lights and gauges stopped followed by car not shifting and sputtering. pulled to side towed home. Initially restarted and ran but again nothing electrical was working.
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