2004 Kia Spectra Questions

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4 out of seven days a week my car won't start, I lift up the hood, tap the battery and then the car starts, but now my emergency break light and battery light are on what could be wrong
I had the a/c worked on and now when I turn on headlights it automatically goes into reverse. Why?
My 2004 KIA SPECTRA GS HATCHBACK recently had it's battery replaced. Once the battery was replaced the check engine light went off. A day later the check engine light was back on. I was told it was the O2 sensor on the passenger side but it was unclear if there is a blockage. My check engine light did not turn on until the battery in the car ran out of juice.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks.
I'm trying to find the starter but do not see it
alternator. They both where changed and I replace the alternator main fuse near the fuse box.
I am trying to change the clutch in my kia I'm at the point of disconnecting the transaxle from the drive axle
yesterday 3/20/2017 my dash lights for battery and brake came on and stayed on. Starting off from a stop position noticed the car wanted to hesitate. Going down the road it would not shift into high gear. All of these symptoms started only yesterday when the brake and battery came on. Would the alternator being bad cause all these problems?? Thanks for any help at all yall can give.
Kia Spectra 2.0 starts easily when cold, but after driving for 15 minutes will have difficulty starting again. Starts well after cooling down again.
I just replaced my radiator and thermostate. The upper hose is hot, the lower hose is cold. The car starts overheating and the front end starts violently shaking. When excellerating on highway speeds the car shakes. Tires are brand new, front tie rod ends just replaced.
I just bought this vehicle wondering wat could be wrong.
I need to smog this kIa spectra. Its a 2004. When trying to plug in the little orange code reading, no power comes thru to the code reading. What main fuse could control the power to the reading?
Had two new alternators burn
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