2002 Kia Spectra Questions

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Replaced rear brakes and can't get the drum back on and can't find any adjustment anywhere
The dashboard lights go dim when I use any extra power, radio, heat, electric windows, and so forth. Then there is a high pitch sound like grinding or squealing. Then the car will start losing power.the more often I have the alternator replaced, it seems they are not lasting very long at all, anywhere from 5 months to now this last one about 3 weeks. I was told by my mechanic that the computer needs to be reset and updated, have you heard this may be the problem? I have not had the computer done yet. Please help.
Radiator coolant (green color) level appears full under main pressure cap but "tube" with blue dipstick cap labeled "coolant" is bone dry and has red colored residue coating the stick
Drove down the highway to go to lunch AC was working fine came back started the car the AC quit working now it's blowing hot air
little power slow to gain speed and chokes out with full throttle could it be fuel filter?
My 2002 kia spectra worked perfectly fine prior to the belts falling off while i was driving. Now thr belts are back on but still no luck. PLEASE HELP
I also noticed my left rear wheel won't stop spinning when I apply the brakes, when jacked -up on the jack stands, but all the other wheels do. And all the other wheels bleed the proper amount of brake fluid. when bled. Thanks
I'm trying to unloose the bolts to the caliper.which way to turn it?
Apparently, the plastic cover that runs over the top of my engine, protecting the coils, is missing. So, when my bf pressure washed the engine compartment, water submerged the spark plug wire boots. Like I said in an earlier post, I drove it about 6 miles as it progressively began sputtering, hesitating, knocking and CEL began flashing. Parked it... and smelled rotten eggs. Read a code P0301. Bf checked the coils and wires and found everything submerged. #1 boot was not sealed as it should have been. Bf dried everything and sealed #1 boot to spark plug. Cleared the code, car ran fine. Later on, took the car to the store and all the symptoms, incl. flashing CEL, and rotten egg smell returned. Could it have damaged the coil pack?
Four days ago, bf pressure washed engine compartment then ran it at idle for 10 min. to prove everything was ok. Next time I drove it (apx. 3 miles), a little hesitation and a bit of sputter that mildly progressed and smoke came from under hood on pass. side windshield that smelled like oil. Drove again same distance, barely made it home and smelled like rotten eggs. Chug, chug, putt, boom, chuga chuga. Had to put it in park at stop sign to prevent it from dying. Water comes spitting out of exhaust pipe when I start it up. CEL blinks when driving but not idling. Prior to all of this, CEL was on (ever since having MAF sensor replaced last year) issuing a code P0101 or P0100, I cant remember which one it was. Regardless, since washing the engine, new problems have occurred. Now, I'm stuck here waiting for bf to bring computer diagnostic code reader (he must have forgotten cuz its been 2 days) and 2 guys that are not mechanics are coming in the a.m. to fix it as per my roommate. Sorry but, this spells DOOM to me. Am I overreacting? Any ideas would be appreciated.
My kia sputters when I shift gears. Has cut off a few times, starts up and goes on down the road. Starts to sputter again. Replace plugs,valve cover,alternator and battery. Also there is a faint smell of burnt oil or gas when sputtering happens.
Broken any ideas on why it's not getting fire
Is there a spring that goes in the oil pan? If so what is it for?
It just quit starting do that is when I put a starter
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