2013 Kia Soul Questions

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All I see is darkness
The car only has fan settings, no heat AC or defrost. This happened when the outside temp on the dash changed to all dashes.
It works intermittently but with the wrong temp displayed
All lights still worked just wouldn't turn over. Was driving for about 15 min. When it just stopped. If it's fuel clogged or pump what would est be
my fan motor will not run when a/c is off. is this normal?
my kia soul runs hot we i turn my ac on realize the fuse was blown replaced it turn the ac on it blew out again
New used car with 40000. Dual transmission. Not sure when to use that so haven't. Economy light on at all times. Traction sensor on at all times per manual.
Smell burning plastic. Gauges all read the same. Only tire pressure sensor lit up once. No other occurances.
My Kia pulls to right. 40000 miles had to add air because sensor came on. I read in manual to keep on at all times, and have. Hit water puddle other day it pulled and tugged this way and that way. Is this normal?

Dec 2014, control unit replaced and the following month the blower motor needed replaced. Now control unit again went bad
all the other electrical stuff worked such as radio, power windows, doom lights. after I little while they came back on then went out again and never came back on.
Don't know why it won't start. Hasn't happened before.
I need my front exhaust pipe replaced and possibly my O2 sensors I was quoted at 900.00 to repair at a KIA service dealership
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