2011 Kia Soul Questions

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Check engine light stays on, over 6 mos., changed gas caps and thermostat. Going through coolant, noticed oily residue in radiator, and on head bolts. Also, losing oil. Car does not overheat, drives well. Very cold here, and I can tell when coolant is low, cool air blows out of dash vents. No underbody leakage, and top radiator hose is hot, lower is cool. When we flushed radiator, "vanilla pudding" texture came out with very little oil. Don't know what ishe happening.

If they are changing the transmission will it be less expensive?

What related parts like water pump, drive belts, tensioner, etc should I replace at same time?

car jerking really hard as if trying to change gears while going around 35=40 mph. Also happened 4 times when driving 70 mph on interstate.

electrical. Air conditioner fan works when it wants. Same with traction control light (may stay on for a few drives), check engine light will come on for a drive then be off a month and now, one headlight doesn't work on low beam but they both work on high beam. How do I fix this possessed car?

Where are the ground wires for this car. Mine will show check engine light and run funny then I may crank it back up and it won't do it again for a month. Also, my fan for my air conditioner works when it wants to. My traction control light may come on for a couple drives then go back off for a month. My 12v lighter plug also went out. Can someone tell me what to do with this electrically incompetent car?

My car started shaking last week when I got home from work now is this something I need to have the Dealership look at or can I just take my car to a certified auto mechanic place like Firestone. Please provide me with the best possible answer

we have had the timing belt and the power steering belt replaced and now they are replacing the serpentine belt

I started my car and went to reverse out of my parking spot and the stick would not budge. The car is stuck in park. I tried pressing on the brake and stick would not budge. I tried turing my wheels, that didn't work either. I was able to move the stick to reverse by sticking a key in the shiftlock release button. That's the only way I can get my car out of park. Any advice?

the radiator and the a/c condenser coil are connected by 4 clips and I don't know how they are removed.

You have to keep revved up so will not die. Have changed the fuel pump. Now they say that cylinder 1 is not holding compression. Please explain what this means.