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Is there an expert who is very familiar with fixing this Kia 1.6 engine and familiar with codes P0011 and P0012?

If you can help will take care of you as far as payment no problem

Fan (behind the grill in engine front) sometimes remains on, draining my battery, after I turn the engine off. What part needs replacing?

it rattles when I go over a speed bump, ride on rough road or hit a bump.

it makes a rubbing sound in the front of the car I was told its the bushings

The drivers side guide assembly is about an inch behind the passenger side when fully closed. The passenger side closes full and then lifts slighty like it is supposed to. The drivers side won't go that far forward.

The radiator fan won't turn off even when my car is turn off for 45 min . I think it's the relay wire but not sure if there is a way to find out . i have unplugged it and it stopped bit soon as I plugged it back on it stayed on.

It's keeps running and drained my battery . I think it's the relay switch. If so can they automatically reset them self's or do I need to replace it . how do I check to see if it rest or needs to be replaced. Thank you!

Mostly when im at the light, the car idles off when im in neutral...and has a hard starting....i rev the rpm to keep the car from shutting off

My 2010 Kia Soul Sport's cooling fan stays on long after car is off (so far its been 45min). It drained battery so I took car to mechanic today & they found nothing wrong. I replaced battery & all seemed ok until I moved the car 30feet. Now fan continues to stay on & once in awhile is turning off for 30-45 sec, then turns back on without the car even being on. What could be the cause? Also, what's the difference between a fan control relay and a PCM?

Lost power steering all lights worked and started right back up. Today drove an hour no a/c car was fine. Driving back A/C on car stalls out while driving. Shut off ac car starts right back up. Engine light is now on.

I have the same problem. If the car starts on the first try, ok. But does not start after. Forcing the boot if you do not do it with good timing. That failing engine. Today I do not rip me and I had to push it.
2010 Kia Soul manual transmission.
Would appreciate diagnostic recommendation.

Recently its been giving me a random click of the solenoid once or twice before starting. Yesterday, of course during a blizzard, it took 3 rounds of 5 attempts or so for it to decide to start. Battery is fully charged. No sign of starting, just the click. It doesn't happen every time I go to start it either...

The car is a 2010, has around 40,000 miles, and has a manual transmission. I find it hard to believe its the starter this early. I don't have a dealership near me, so to have to take it to one to not have it behave like that while they check it will be a pain in the...

Any thoughts?

here in Beeville tx. we have had not good service with repair shops so befor we took my 74yr old mother to have the recalls fixed, well call it paranoid if you want but I put a scratch in the shape of a lightning bolt on the break switch and when we got home had forgot to check it and it was not changed! I also stood outside and was able to watch them pull her car in and stayed outside cause the car was in full yiew! and I watched the whole time and the only time anyone got into my mothers car was to pull it in the shop area and to pull it back out!!! now I would like to know what is going to be done about this problem! thanks and will be waiting for an e-mail or if you would like to call my # is 361-354-9680 and the recall on wiring in the doors was not addressed either! thanks Mr. Dayton