2011 Kia Sorento Questions

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At random time but mostly when started green/red lights come on and blink and the stay green sometimes it just blinks red what is it for
Our 2011 Sorento has always been well maintained. No accidents or anything but now as I need to get the yearly inspection done, the airbag light comes on. I will be calling the dealer but I was curious if anyone has some information on this. It seems to be a common problem. The customer should NOT have to pay for this to be "repaired".
My car was over heating today so I put antifreeze in and now the gauge keeps going from cool to hot
Front Passenger speaker sound busted
How long have you had this problem? 1-2 weeks
First I thought I had a flat but every time I turn or pit my feet on the pedal it gets louder
I have been asked to change the throttle. Are they related and can it affect the gears?
Most of the time , it drives just fine. Sometimes it grinds when shifting into Park. Key is also difficult to turn and take out. After power failure, if you turn car off, then back on, it works OK again.
When I pull up somewhere, and get out of car, shut the door. Then I lock the doors with remote, return to get in the door handle opens but the door itself will not open.

that is not the kia original they said that would be 1,600 not including tax , 1,400 not including the tax, firestone said they have to replace the whole thing rack and pinion? is this a fair price ? they said they saw leaking on my car, I have never seen any leaking xcept water from air conditioner
oil is down 2qts and oil cap smells burnt
My dad said the compressor isn't kicking on, what could be wrong and would that be a expensive fix?
this has happened twice once while the car was running (March) and today when the car turned off. Also noticed that the gears symbol was not in the odometer panel: D, P, R
What would cause a motor to leak oil bad when it not the rear main seal 2011 Kia Sorento v6 3.5
Had a Auto Zone plug into my car. It showed that something is wrong with the manifold blower or something like that. That's why I asked if there was any recalls on it.
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