2009 Kia Sorento Questions

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First, my battery died. Once I jumped it and got it going again, my car was running fine for about 20 minutes. Then all the sudden when I was going about 30, my car slowed down on its own (no matter how hard I pushed the gas peddle) and it would not excel past like 5 miles per hour. Almost all my lights on my dash started to come on. It sounded and felt like it was trying to "kick" back into gear but couldn't. It finally slowed down until it stopped. However previously, I could be going 50 miles per hour and it would slow down BY ITSELF to a lower speed and wouldn't excel even if I pushed the gas peddle. It didn't quit because it would eventually "kick" back into gear.
Car running fine, just lights came on.
KIA SORENTO LX not sure of the engine size. Started making soft whining noise occasionally now advanced to constant and louder. When you start it that whining noise starts doesn't matter if A/C or Heat is on or not. Gotten very loud. Afraid to take it, Cost is probably going to Astronomical.
also, the interior light keeps coming on with it. and it will come on when i just barely turn the steering wheel left. it doesn't do it all the time. and then at other times it does it a lot.
3.3 liter
Sorry that was a 2009 Kia Sorento I had the wrong year on my 1st post
Kia replaced my transmission several weeks ago. Vehicle has a hard down shift at 20 mph when the air conditioner is on. It doesn't seem to do it when the air is off. If you coast to a stop it doesn't seem to do it as hard as it does if you apply the brake. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all. Took it back to KIA and they said they can't duplicate. Scheduled an appointment to take a test drive with them tomorrow. Any suggestions?
so after it was jumped it spattered the whole way home, the more I accelerated, the worse it got, as soon as I turned off the engine it wouldn't start, not a peep. do i have a clog in the fuel line? how to fix?
Trying to determine how to best replace the AC clutch.
oil leaks constantly, leaving a trail, is there a product that can slow leak?
the car just died on the highway the other day I was stoped at a light then when I hit the gas it acted like it was in nutueral so I put into park then drive it it moved , but just before it completd shut down the oil light came on then the engine light then died it does look like the oil had splatter on the engine and it also looks likt it is draining the battery when you try to start but will not turn over just make a noise
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