2008 Kia Sorento Questions

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I try to turn my car on and nothing happens. all the lights and windows work fine and normal. i try to turn the key in the ignition and no sounds at all. what is wrong??
It chugged stalled can't get it started
Air conditioner blew cold air, then blew hot all of the sudden. Refrigerant added and air blew cool for a week, then blew hot air again. Messed with fan, thermostat and air flow dials. Air then blew Cool. What could be my problem?
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
Air conditioner ran cool air, then blew hot air. Refrigerant then properly added. Ran cool for a week, then ran hot air again. Touched all dials for fan, air control heat/cool. Air all of the sudden ran cool again. What is the possible problem?
Air conditioner blew fine one minute then hot the next. Freon was added and guages correct. Worked for 4 days then hot air again. All of the sudded without repair air now blows cool. What is the problem, please?
How long have you had this problem? A week.
ABS modular system
Its 1000 dollars its affecting the brakes what can I do is this a recall
does the year of 2008 kia sorento have trouble with the clip on the intake manifold for the engine?
I did help someone jump start there car and then a week later I was jumping my car,it no longer needs to be jumped but it hesitates to start please help I need my car to pass smog
put a new battery in and a throttle actuator control. but lights still come on.
The brakes on the left front wheel locks up, causing it to get really hot and smoking. We have recently bought new tires and had brake pads, rotors, caliper and brake line unit replaced. It happened again and the mechanic said they found a module that had to be reset. Brought it home, drove it about 70 miles and it locked up again.. It suddenly locks up and overheats before we can get off the street to a point that it melts brand new ceramic brake pads. The shop talked with the Kia shop and no one seems to know how to fix it. Any ideas, has anyone else had this problem?
the brakes work just spongy espesially in the morning. have to pump slightly to get pressure
my kia sorento 2008 overheats when im at a stop light but when i press on the gas pedal it stops smoking and also when i lift up the hood i notice clumpy brown stuff all inside the engine and dripping from up under the car. i put water to see if that was it but it was not I put some anti freeze in it to see if that could have been it because i did not have any but that was not it. What could this possibly be
My check engine light has come on for the 4th time and everytime its something to do with the emmissions system. The mechanic seems to be having to replace parts further and further into the system. Started with gas cap, then some kind of rubber seal, and last week the emissions filter. They do a smoke test each time. Does anyone know of somethimg that might be causing this issue. I'd rather get to the root of the problem than just fixing the symptoms. I have an 08 kia sorento ex 4x4 with 53k miles.
when exiting the car my door beeps. i have to put key back in ignition and wiggle it around opening and closing the door until the beeps stop
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