2007 Kia Sorento Questions

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After the shaking, the next time the car was driven a machine gun sound came from the car
The 4-wheel mechanism is not engaged but when you reverse the vehicle it seems as if the wheels are locked up.
I have been told by one mechanic the car needs both gaskets replaced. Another mechanic says it only has one gasket. Who is right?
There is also a noise coming from the fuse box when I turn the car on, is that normal?
Wants to die when I'm at a light. It has been shaking maybe once a day for a week and today was the first time it did it and shut off
2.5 turbo diesel
Just replaced the alternator because the batt light and brake light were flickering. The car died on my wife yesterday. Put a new batt in and we were able to drive it home. It still has the flickering batt light and brake light. Any ideas would be helpful or a check list to check
V6 Ka sorento
it may start and run for two to three days and then will not start at all for about three or four days. what could be my problem?
new battery,alternator and fuss,car started up but will not rev up,then dies and will not start back up,any thoughts.
Took vehicle to KIA service dept and after hours of diagnostic they decided to change control panel $740 including labor, just picked up the car yesterday and now today on a trip out of town it has already quit working. What now? Will I have to pay for diagnostic again and if they find a total different problem am I liable for the cost?
Engine shakes and has no power. Engine codes Poo22,P0021, P0057, P0128, P0018. what can I check and what do I replace?. All Timing components changed 9,000 miles ago.
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