2006 Kia Sorento Questions

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Where is bank 1,2,3,& 4 located for the 06 Kia Sorento?
need 60000 miles service-
Cyclinder postions when putting timing belt on
my 2006 sorenta kia wont start. when i open the door or turn the key the horn blows and lights blinks for a while then stops then starts again. i had the battery charge so thats not it. i don't hear no clicking or nothing ! any one has any ideas?
It can run for months with not a problem, then the next time it won't turn on. Not good news in Arizona when temps hit 117 degrees.
Freon was put it but it's still not getting cool. What is the problem?
pick up coil has voltage but isnt engaged
pick up coil has voltage but isnt engaged
the needle stays on E also
I replaced the o2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 1 and now i am getting a code for bank 2 sensor 1 and bank 1 sensor 1 i checked the fueses both Ok. whats the chance that they are both bad? any other idea would be appriciated last time and then i guess its to the dealer.
I replaced the Oxygen sensor Bank 1 sensor 1 with a univeral sensor and still get code po134, I rechecked the wireing,checked the throttle boot for tears,checked the wireing going to the wire plugs, replaced the spark plugs replaced the spark plug wires, could it be the univeral sensor?
Im having a missfire while driving at various speeds it feels like a sudden jerk my car did that today and then it shot down I tried to restart it but it wouldn't the check engine light came on 5 minutes later I tried again and it started without a problem I have been feeling this hesitation for about a month now but it was very sporadic today the engine died on me luckily it restarted after a few minutes I'm waiting for the dealer to open to take it in I'm guessing is an ignition coil... Not sure though
2011 before my warranty expired a week later. I was told it had a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty for the system(which I am not close on either). Now the system blows hot air. I went for an oil change and the place checked system and said it was compressor. I took it to dealer and now they are saying it is probably the evaporator. Shouldn't it be part of the original a/c system changed in 2011? I shouldn't have to pay to get it replaced, right?
I'm getting them replaced but now my low beams aren't even coming on. After reading the forum I see I'm not alone with the headlight problem. Needs to be recalled
had JUST had tune-up done--next day, #'s 1 & 4 ignition coils go bad. Had that fixed now the car will run for 10min then shutdown and will not start. The engine will turnover but no start. But it will start after sitting awhile. Eyes new fuel pump that was not it. When spring fuel in throttle body it will start. so what will make the fuel pump run but not reach the fuel injectors?
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