2006 Kia Sorento Questions

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This seems to be apparent when the AC is on. When we turn the AC off, the problem seems to go away completely.
do i need a special tool to change rear brake pads on 2006 kia sorento lx
When I put a CD in it immediately makes a rapid ticking noise and displays that the CD is bad and I know it's not.
upon acceleration
My switch does not work either. so unable to go into 4wd mode.
It's has been doing this for 6 weeks. The check engine light isn't on.
No other problems
rear disc brakes replace how difficult and do I need any specialty tools. Are ceramic brakes recommended?
There is no noise when heat is on floor setting or other heat setting only when i put it on defrost it makes loud noise
my check engine light came on first time miss fire on cylinder 5 so I replaced spark plugs. car is still hesitatant, viberates really bad, light came on again same reading so I replaced spark plug wires still no fix next reading misfire on cylinder 3 replaced coils next reading is the same had diagnostic run only thing came back was misfire on cylinder 3, 4, 5. pls help don't know what else to do.
I had a new AC compressor put in my '06 Sorento after recharging the old one and it still didn't work. The new one doesn't work unless hooked directly to a power source, leading me to believe wiring is involved. What is the best way to find out which wire, if any, is the cause?
I accidentally put diesel in my car had it flush out then I put regular gas in it and it still wont start. What do I need to do
after we replaced the fuel pump, it started one time and now I can't get it to start again. :( very disappointed with the situation!
KIA sorento ex 2006 (85000km) engine sounds tick tick tick
I traveled and I left my car parked in Garage for 18 months
Now, the engine crackling sound in the upper part of the engine
What is the solution and there is no agent for KIA
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