2006 Kia Sorento Questions

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Sounds like its the valves but I don't know exactly where and what.
How do i turn it off
have a 2006 kia sorento 3.5 i am putting this time belt on for the 3 time it is a new timing belt and all the pullys and tenioners are new as well i have timed it once hit all the marks and rolled it over 2 full turns and it came back in time spot on put it all back together and it started missing and throwing cam and crank code and i took it back apart it was a full tooth off after driving it so i timed it again same thing happened? what is my possible issue i could be dealing with here
Normal operation until it warms up but at 40-50 and at 65 it has this interruption. You can feel it every few minutes. It shows no codes. Been to dealership they cant find it. not real impressed...
My A.C. comes on some times and some times it want after driving down the road a while it will kick on, it blows cold air when it dose come on , it started doing this for a while now , can the blower be fix with out replacing the whole unit
The SUV works fine but the radio is not giving any sound. all the display works and the dials but no music. i tried playing a CD and that did not work either. is there a reset button or what could i check on the radio or the vehicle to try and fix it before buying a new deck.
If I pull up on the right side of the drivers seat it will usually stop as long as I hold preasure. The worst when weather is hot or the heavier the driver. Is there a way to disconnect the sound with out compromising the air bag
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento I bought brand new in 2007. Currently have 92,000 mi.
I have ALWAYS had a thumping noise in the rear end either when I brake or take my foot off the brake. I had this in to the dealer many times starting at about 500 miles and they could never figure it out from day one. I recently had a passenger riding in the back seat and he said there is something going on in the rear end. Anyone know what this could be? I have had brakes and rotors done in the past. No clue and this is driving me crazy! Anyone have any idea what this thump could be from?
Only way to make it stop is to pull the battery pulling the fuses doesn't do anything
I just had new tires put on my Sorento and an alignment done. My suv now has a lot of play in the steering wheel, it almost feels tipsy when I am driving it and when I hit a bump it feels like the car almost wants to shatter. I had them check the brakes and rotors and the shocks when having the tires installed. They said my brakes look brand new but the rotors are warped and I can feel the vibration so will have them done soon. The shocks looked good. They also said the sway bar link in the back is loose. After hearing all the horror stories about the bolt to the crank shaft I am also having that checked but the dealer can't get me in until next Wednesday. I am scared to drive my car to work but it is the only vehicle I have. Could the sway bar in the back cause all this feeling like no shocks? And why is the steering feeling so loose now and feeling like my car is tipsy? Possible a bad alignment? I hate waiting a week to get into the dealer as I am afraid it might cause more damage and I don't have that kind of money to I would be stuck not being able to get to work. Yikes! I had my work done at Precision Tune and now am going to the dealer.
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