2005 Kia Sorento Questions

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My wife was about a 100 away from Home said the car is running hot. They got where they were going put water in radiator after it cooled down crank car and temp started up. A mechanic help them the radiator was fulll and he unplug a sensor that let the radiator fan run all the time. Temp went down and they made it home. The mechanic said it was problem the thermostat. Next day I change thermostat,new antifreeze and let it warm up and it got hot again unplug the sensor and temp went back down to normal. So what could it be?
What reason would there be for car to jerk when switching to Drive or Reverse?
There is screeching noise also. Have a automatic transmission.
Squeaking noise
I was going In about 3rd gear then out of nowhere it just stop getting gas after about 8 mins of driving I killed it now won't start at all fuel pump works
How do I replace high pressure power steering hose on my 2004 kia sorento
Car made a slight pop now it wont start seems to be turning over correctly but wont start! Would like to just rebuild motor because car is in great shape!
Air conditioner want train water comes in on drivers floor board
Turn truck on when turn key to cut off truck still runs
I can still see icons for airbag etc. but no speedo., gas gauge etc
Got a boost earlier because car was making clicking sound when i tried to crank it and the lights were dim. Now it's doing it again but now it want start with a new battery
Misfire cylinder no. 5, I have tried everything I can think of, spark plugs, coil packs, plug wires, timing belt kit with new tensioner, no vacuum leaks.
As stated above, my parking light on the instrument panel stays illuminated regardless of what gear I'm in. Checked fuses which all were good.
jumped time
new timing belt but it keeps jumping
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