2004 Kia Sorento Questions

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The car lights were left on so jump started the vehicle an the only thing not working is the heater panel no lights no noise , nothing. But radio an clock are working.
Burning smell
coolant leaks out after car is shut off, also the vehicle has no sign of coolant in the oil what so ever
Parts shop gave me a battery that had positive and negative on the opposite side of my original battery. Killed my electrical system... horn sounded.
This happens every so often. Car turns over, some times a little rough, but won't catch. Let it sit for a couple of days and it starts again. When this happens the check engine light stays on for about three days then goes out. Could this be caused by a faulty Wireless Control Module (WCM)?
I have an 2004 kia sorento and when I started it will run for about 10-15 minutes and then the car just cuts off or if I'm on the highway and I'm going about 65 60 sometimes it acts like it wants to cut off but then while hitting the gas it will start itself back up I just replace the alternator and battery in a few weeks ago car runs fine it starts right back up after cutting off this will happen maybe once or twice while driving but if the car is just sitting it will cut off a few times if it's just sitting and idling no idea what it is does anybody know
what gaskets and or sealents are needed to prevent leaks
Drivers seat will move forward but not backwards
My bolt for balancer broke inside crankshaft. Cant drill out so have to change crankshaft.
I have axil out. Removed inner snap ring. I don't know were it seperate or which way bearing is removed
The truck won't turn over
Replaced throttle positioning sensor, crankshaft sensor, still getting all kinds of codes and check engine light still coming on, any suggestions
For some time now my kia sorento 2004 has stopped starting and after sitting a couple of days it starts again. This has happen numerous times on many occasions; sometime month after month . It starts fine with no problem and later in the day it wont start. Recently about 3 weeks ago or less ago I was on I-20 and I heard the engine do something I raced of the highway and as I got to the end the car shut off, it hasn't started since. It turns over but won't start. Can you help me.
Thanks in advance for your time.
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