2003 Kia Sorento Questions

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Do not have any power on either side of switch,it's a red and yellow wire,and I can't get power to fuel pump,can if I bypass fuel relay
Bypassed relay pump runs,and not getting power on either side of cut off switch
It has happened twice before but by pulling the fuel pump fuse and disconnecting battery (dash idiot lights stayed on) it corrected itself.....But its not correcting itself this time
This is the 3rd time I have had to replace the Cam Shaft Position Sensor in my 2003 Kia Sorento.. Why is this happening?
When the engine cools down after 20 mins or so, it starts no problem and then when it reaches optimum temperature it stops running again, and again. There is plenty of coolant and oil is fine also.
Turning the fan speed higher the noiser the sound.
It has done this 2 times only if its a sharp beeps once and the interior light flashed and once there was a warning light that flashed so quickly I couldn't see what it engine light is also on
When I crank it up I smell gas. What causes this?
Crank shafts bolt snapped, shop fixed and replaced pulley and belts. I started and went to town and got back in to come home and the battery is fully charged, but the ignition just clicks when trying to start. So many issues since I purchased this Kia in dec.2016. Please help!
p0340 code...where is the cam sensor located?
Why want my kia take gas fast? You have to work the nozzle slow if you don't it will splash back out.
new timing belt cam and crank sensor after it stopped running not before
strange cruise control light flashes very fast and check for rpm with scanner it loses communication after a few revolutions of crank also 4x4 lite will blink not sure if related
I don't believe it ever worked the cruise indicator light comes on but it won't go in to cruise control
What do you do to fix this without spending alot of money and how?
I just bought this rig and the previous owners said it needed a neutral safety switch but when I climbed under it i see that one of the o2 sensor wires were cut in two and there was two red wires that had been chewed apart that came from over the top of the transmission that were (from what I could tell) was leading to a little plug type deal on the side of the trans. If anyone could help out it would be much appreciated
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