1999 Kia Sephia Questions

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Is there such a gasket. What is the likely hood this is possible
My kia carens car wont accelerate
no pools under car when parked, but a small trail of oil when I pull into the driveway.
Everytime I try n start it it does this it didn't start doing it until my radiator went out n the car got a lil hot everytime I start it it acts sluggish n backfires a lil bit not very bad but it does it
I'm trying to do an oil change but I can't find the plug or filter
I don't hear the fuel pump hum when you turn on ignition. Relay is clicking on. I'm asking because it's looking like fuel pump, but I've never had one simply fail. Am I missing a bad wire harness or something. Any help would be great.
I have break lights and headlights, but no turn signals at all. They do not even blink on the dash. Is it a light bulb or something else?
Trying find a ilder pulley for 99 kia sephia that air conditioning belt ride on
We have a refurbished battery and it won't start with a jump. Sounds like it wants to,but won't. Could it still be the battery? Its been very cold at night also, last night got down to 19 degrees. Do you have any ideas?
the engine repair light comes on and the transmission downchanges, the engine light goes of and the transmission selects the correct gear.
i changed transmission but no changes to the performance and the same problem occurs
I think it jumped time but the car still starts and every now and then it backfires through the intake. one morning I started blurpel and she sat there and idle was fine I let her warm up and then started for work I heard a loud pop/bang type noise and I thought oh boy she's done but she ran fine to work and after work no power and flashing engine light and she idles real rough any clue what is causing this thanks
code number comeing up p1624 car wont start. was locked in park but its unlocked now.
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