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When I flushed the heater fire little metal spirals very new and clean looking like drill shavings.belt snapped to alternator and water pump last week day after heat stopped you think water pump is the problem?
Temps dropped to single digits,changed thermostat,blower working coolint new and full-still blowing cold barely Luke warm air? Can't figure out what's wrong.heater core not leaking that I can see ..I'm stumped??I live in Alaska so common to block airflow with cardboard or bra still not helping.even unplugged fan car almost overheated but still blowing cold air
How much would it cost to replace my engine with a used engine in good condition
started to lose power turnig to right when level ran fine just started when you give gas no power go dead
i have a 5 speed 98 kia sepia it was running fine and then i pressed the gas the car wont go pulled over stoped and none of the gears would work help please do i need a new tranny
I am not this Dondo the canvios as it should be
The car take long time to start
fuell pump connector c304 and c305 where to look for theme
When i come to a Complete stop, then I step on the gas, my vehicle starts to shake violently and the sounds are just horrible. I checked for all the signs for blown head gaskets and checked my tranny fluid. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.It also has major power loss on take off. and forget about uphills; it goes about 5 miles an hour. It happens about 85% of the time.
if anyone can help me with any info. on how to change the starter I would greatly appreciate it.
automatic transmission
Having a problem with my 98 Kia Sephia. It runs great and idles fine from cold start, but after 10 minutes or so of warming up, at idle it will suddenly die. It will start right back up, but will die within a few seconds at idle. Goes down the road great, but will die anytime the rpms drop to idle range. It throw codes 0265, 0271, 0268 and 0262, showing all four injectors short to battery voltage simultaneously. TPS checked and Computer has been replaced with no change in behavior.
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