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I got on the freeway just fine yesterday, then sometime when going 50-55mph through construction, and (trying to) speed back up to 80, it started shaking as if my tires were out of balance. So after I finally got back to town I got my tires balanced and rotated, but I still have that shaking. Help? it's my only way to commute to school and back everyday.

i have idling issues. code po120. however i notice two of the wires, leading to pig tail,of MAS connector, have been spliced. connector has five wires in all. the two that im concern about are black with yellow stripes. i cant tell if who ever spliced into them hooked them together right. idk why they would splice two ground leads into them anyways. how can i figer which gos where

i need to replace my starter

how much to rebuild it?

My car work properly and suddenly the velocity decrees and no fuel when I press on fuel foot but if switch it off and on its work properly for few day and the problem comeback

iam trying to replace the water pump with the water inlet attached because the bottom inlet bolt is extremly d ifficult to access and i dont want to remove the ac pump.the power steering pump has been removed. thaNK YOU

I've replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor. Shop replaced timing belt and water pump. Today, the catalytic converter was replaced (P00420 was being displayed). Car still idles very rough. I know that whatever the root problem is probably took the cat. converter out and want to fix before it trashes the new one. Shop looked for problem and could not find anything wrong. Car seems to run fine when driving and if I shift into neutral, idle drops and it isn't so rough.

i have replaced the distutor tried a code reader and cant get any codes

i had my radiator replaced,but,I don't think they replaced the thermostat because the heating system is not working right.Will i have to pay to have it replaced or should the dealer absorb the cost?

I replaced the distributor with a used one but am still getting no spark. Is there something else I should check?

I replaced the distributor with a used one and I'm still getting no spark. Is there something else I can check?

As I said, someone replace with used engine didn't know where everything went, just plugged stuff in and cut what didn't fit. Can you give me a engine vacuum diagram??

where can I find an engine vacuuHelpm diaphram. Someone replaced the engine with a used one and just plugged things in where they could find a spot and cut the wires and hoses to the rest!!!

1997 Kia sephia will not turn over. Car basically starts but will not turn over? I have checked all fuses and replaced them. Also checked spark plugs and we have fire there?? Have uplugged and replugged crankshaft sensor and others? Battery is fully charged, It did this once before a few days and a neighbor screwed around with the fuses and it seemed to override the system because after that the car started right up. This is actually my lanldlord vehicle. Unfortunately he speaks very poor english due to a heart attack and it is very difficult to communicate with him. I have made sure not to flood it by excessively trying to start it. Im certainly no mechanic but have learned alot about vehicles and done much of my own work on my Dodge ram, unfortunately everything I have tried is not workling, I have even attempted to clean the sensors! I smell fuel when I attempt to start it so Im hesitant to say its not getting gas. The owner is not in a position to pay hefty labor costs to have this fixed so Im desperately trying to fix it myself! Any help would be so appreciated, I do not believe this is something major as It appears to be getting fuel and all power is working? Please help