Q: Kia sephia 1997 will start but will not turn over had tried all basic fixes on 1997 Kia Sephia

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1997 Kia sephia will not turn over. Car basically starts but will not turn over? I have checked all fuses and replaced them. Also checked spark plugs and we have fire there?? Have uplugged and replugged crankshaft sensor and others? Battery is fully charged, It did this once before a few days and a neighbor screwed around with the fuses and it seemed to override the system because after that the car started right up. This is actually my lanldlord vehicle. Unfortunately he speaks very poor english due to a heart attack and it is very difficult to communicate with him. I have made sure not to flood it by excessively trying to start it. Im certainly no mechanic but have learned alot about vehicles and done much of my own work on my Dodge ram, unfortunately everything I have tried is not workling, I have even attempted to clean the sensors! I smell fuel when I attempt to start it so Im hesitant to say its not getting gas. The owner is not in a position to pay hefty labor costs to have this fixed so Im desperately trying to fix it myself! Any help would be so appreciated, I do not believe this is something major as It appears to be getting fuel and all power is working? Please help
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try checking the compression, if it is getting fuel and spark the only thing left for an engine to start is compression. if it does not have compression it will prevent the car from starting. Also check the intake for any sort of clog. If the car sat for awhile, a mouse or squirrel could have built a nest in the intake which is choking the engine and causing it to not get the air it needs to run.
Really need to pull the Codes and Diagnose this vehicle.
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