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Q: Kia Sedona wont start on 2006 Kia Sedona

Ok all. Heres a stumper. My wifes Kia minivan was running fine. No issues whatsoever. well get the drift.

Last week, we came home from grocery shopping. We went back out and wholla, it wont start. It wont even try to start. Battery is charged, everything on the inside works, etc. The dash looks like a christmas tree. every light is on.

My solution, I pull the memory fuse from the fusebox inside the van and wholla, it starts right up. Granted the clock doesnt work, but it isnt that important. everything else works great.

Today my wife comes in and tells me the check engine light is on...??? How the heck is that possible??? Any ideas??? I put the fuse back in and it wont start again. I take it out and it starts right up. Damn the Kia's, but we are too upside down in it to trade it in and too broke to take it to KIA (thanks to my salesman telling me it had a 100K mile warranty on it). What he failed to mention was it is only for the original owner. Sucks!!! I need help people. Give me some pointers.
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Can someone please tell how much this memory fuse will cost and where can I find it.Thank you.
where is the memory fuse cause I'm sick of this problem a lights on the dash dont bother me as long as I can get to and home from work
The memory fuse may have been not only for your clock/radio but also is involved with your anti-theft system. When you pulled the fuse it may have shut down part of your theft system, which may have been malfunctioning and causing the no start.
However, when the memory fuse is also needed for all the computers to talk to each other, your car has several, and when that happens, that will set off a Check Engine Light.
I can't accurately diagnose your car from here to tell you what the exact part is that is needed.
Maybe someone else will be familiar with this type of no start problem on a 2006 Sedona.
i have the same problem with starting my van at times it will start n run great months at a time but then at times i can run to the store ect n then wont start my theft system hasn't been working is this my prob
Ours does the same thing--and, of course, the dealership can't duplicate the issue. =( If we take out the fuse for the alternator and then replace it, it starts. Royal pain in the arse, but better than the sit-and-wait until it decides to start we were doing.
Took it to Gwinnett Place KIA in Duluth and they found that the IPM BCM ASSY for Intermittant Burglar Alarm Relay Malfunctioning. They replaced the Junction Box ASSY-I ( fuse box) So far no problems and will keep you posted. I hope this helps anyone experiencing this same problem !!!
I have the same problem with an 08 and getting worse. Did your solution work, even after a few months? How much did it cost? Is it something I can do myself? Where to order part?
Fellow sufferer.
Hey Guys,
all these irratic no start problems listed as no crank just click deals, here is something to try. we had the same thing as you are dealing with. vehicle just clicks as though bad terminal connection or dead cell in battery, etc. We had lights, horn ,wipers , radio, etc but just a click and starter would not turn engine over. long story short, battery was perfect and starter worked perfectly when bench tested. The engine to body ground strap was at fault. wire/strap looked good. scrape the paint off down to bare metal where it connects to the body and everthing worked perfect, remember the engine is mounted on rubber mounts and the starter draws many amps when working. GOOD grounds are very important.
Same problem here........ you can unplug the alternator fuse located in the fuse box under the steering wheel to the left then plug it back in. Your vehicle will start everytime. This is a hard reset but works. Hope this helps. Also call kia customer service and complain so they will recall the defective parts. 1-800-333-4542
I just had this problem with the security system yesterday. I was hoping and praying the answers about giving it time and it would crank were right, but after leaving it in the parking lot yesterday, it still didn't want to start. Before having it towed, and because the only Kia dealer in the area only takes you by appointment, I figured I'd just try calling and asking how to start my car. The service manager for Kia went and got the mechanic who specializes in this to come speak with me on the phone. He said to try 3 things, and if none of the s e worked, call him back. First, put the key in the ignition, turn the car on, and click lock/unlock on the key fob 3 times, then try starting it. Lots of clicking, popping, but didn't crank. Secondly, get out of the car, put the key in the drivers door lock, click lock/unlock 3 times. Still more noises but it didn't crank. The third thing to do is take the battery cables off, both + and - then put them back on, black first of course, and then try it. Of course the security system will go crazy beeping the horn, lights, etc. when you do this. I pressed the buttons on the fob, trying to stay calm because this noise is flustering and embarrassing in public, and finally silenced the alarm. Once silenced, I put the key in the ignition and turned the key, and YES, YES YES it started. He did tell me if none of these 3 things worked, call him back and he'd help me troubleshoot and crank it over the phone. Maybe just a great local ddaler, but at least I know the routine now. Maybe this will help someone else, as yesterday was Sunday, no dealer was open, and the local parts store (which has a retired ASE certified Ford mechanic that works there part time) did tell me that most likely, I locked the security system down by locking with the fob and unlocking it with the key and I'd probably have to tow it and let Kia hook it to their computer to reset it. I was figuring the service department would just make me an appointment and I'd have to get the tow truck, but it was just luck they talked me right through this little song and dance routine to get it started.
I am having the very same problems. Van was running fine and then all of a sudden get in it to go to work and will not crank. My brother is trying to find out what is wrong with it. Guess we will be calling the Kia dealer ship to see how we can get it fixed. This Monday is started not cranking at all with the key. So in the mean time he has had to run a wire from the starter or alternator (not sure which, you may know) so that when I need to crank it I have to, pop the hood and touch the wire to the battery with the key on and then the van will crank. Only work around we have right now but beats being stranded with no vehicle. You may consider doing this until you can get yours fixed as well.
i have tried everything and its not working i just dont understand why Kia has not recalled this issue.
I have a 2006 kia sedona, we experienced an intermittent no start ccondition, which the dealer diagnosed as the starter. My temporary fix was to slap the interior fuse panel . The problem in most cases is the auto shutdown relay built into the fuse panel, it gets hung up. I bypassed the relay by tapping into the two wires going in and out on the on the fuse panel. Its been 6 months and no problem since. My email is
I dont think bypassing the relay is a viable solution, but it's pretty clear the fault is in the anti-theft system. I found that hitting the "unlock" button prior to opening any doors allowed the vehicle to disarm the theft system. I was then able to start my van. I have an 07 KIA Sedona with the same issue as above.
Fix for Sedona intermittent starting - It is the Ground Wire from the Battery.
After about 5 years of opening all the doors and setting off the alarm to try to overcome the intermittent starting one of the other postings on this site gave the answer.
It takes about 20 minutes to remove your battery, remove the one single ground wire cable from the chassis. Then scrape off the paint, sand the corrosion of the tab and screw it back on. I cant believe that Kia never figured this out. They charged me for 2 computer boards, at my risk, since the car never failed when a tech was around. But they never even looked at the ground wire to see that Kia painted the area under the ground wire. With paint under the tab the only conductive surface is the thread of the screws and that was totally corroded.
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