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Need new transmission
I put a new starter on it and it still clicking every time i turn the ignition and i bought it around 10:00a.m. and stop working after 1:00p.m., it just be clicking, people say it might be the engine may be lock, or the timing belt , the starter is new just bought the starter
what should I do
check Engine light won't go off because I have a leak in this canister and so I can't get it inspected by the end of the month. Where can I get one?
Today for the first time I parked my car and was unable to retrieve the key out of the egnition switch. The engine shuts off but the park lights stay on.
A few hours later the battery is drained and the car would not start. So i disconnected the battery.
Have you heard of this before and if so is it hard to fix.
car smokes from exhaust and burns at least 1 qt oil per week
car smokes from exhaust alot
Had to remove fuse, and now have no radio and DVD. This happened over a year ago and now I'm told there's no warranty for it.
I have 2012 kia sedona, I was driving at snow my car was slide to the sidewalk I hit it petty bad. My rim was broken so I wemt to the shop for find my new rim for it , but it was not that easy.
Im still driving cuz I have only one car in my home. The light comes out first day was TPMS light comes up, than next day ESC light comes up today ABS light, BRAKE light comes up finely. .. im still waiting for my tire for show up. But this is holiday season, so take longer than user. can I still drive that van?
On the driver's door.
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