2009 Kia Sedona Questions

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Lots of stop-and-go traffic driving
We have changed the battery/ light does work but nothing happens
When you turn the key, nothing happens. The lights, radio, windows all work, but the car is completely dead. It takes quite a few tries to get it to start. Just as I start to panic, it will start. Has anyone found a dealer who will fix this problem? I think it may have something to do with the anti theft sensor?? Thanks for any help....
No problem yet, but I want to avoid one.
It says that the Cooing Fan Assembly is defaulted and/or the relays.
When tested it shows a OBD Code PO480.
2009 Kia Sedona

my right headlight is burned out. I would like to replace this myself and would like some help in doing so.
I've noticed when I try to accelerate the vehicle hesitates then just speeds up quickly. When starting my vehicle the engine revs like someone is steping on gas real quick. Not always happening but often enough. Also starting to feel the van jerk very little when driving. My engine light has turned on eventually. When I took it in to Kia they had two codes come up. They both have to do with the oxygen sensor. I've had Kia look at my fuel filter but they say it's fine. They cleared the code the first time but I did not get far before I felt the issues and engine light back on. The second time they cleaned and serviced the throttle body. Worked for 200 + km then same issue. They want to change my spark plugs at a cost of $500. Say What? I don't think this is the issue and would shop around if that was my last option to fix van. Any suggestions what might be the problem? I also looked at air filter and it looks fine to me. Kia said it was fine the first visit but suggested changing it the second time. There is 64300 kms on the van 40000 miles
the parts store can only pull up a tension pully and they look the same. are they interchangeable or are they different.
the idler pully is wore out and is making this high pitch screaming sound while its running and the faster you go the louder it gets
Just started happening, check engine light came on
can I program a keyless remote for my 2009 KIA Sedona or do I need to go to a locksmith or dealer? Also does my ignition key have a chip or not?
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