2007 Kia Sedona Questions

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Brake & battery light went on first. mechanic checked & said they're good. Now went on again along with ABS, ESC, ESC OFF, TPMS & Radio light blinked. They're off now except for yellow Check Engine. What's happening?

Very cold outside and can't open the door to get in. I don't have a garage to put it in . Can I spray something up into the door handle?

Are there any recalls

it does rev high and sound like pushing gas pedal at high speed upon acceleration of vehicle while driving ...upon starting van and after parking at light or signs..and van feels like it wants to stop running or idle differently while sitting for short periods without engine light check engine light and does this every time while driving short distance

Door 1: the passenger sliding door gets stuck open. The lever in the door will not release the door to shut.

Door 2: the driver side passenger sliding door does not respond to any of the lock/unlock commands via remote, door, or overhead controls.

Same vehicle, two different issues with two different doors!!! Very frustrated!

doesnt matter where the control is, it just runs on high, what do I need to do to fix this issue?

It started having problems starting. I'm still having that issue. I had the battery, alternator and starter checked. I eventually had to get a new battery but still having the starting issues. The ESC off light starting coming on last week after I had an oil change and 3 tires put on. I also have the TPMS light on which was on prior to the oil and tire change. Then it went off and recently came back on. tire pressure seems to be fine. If i turn it off a couple of times the ESC off light goes off and it drives fine. i had the throttle position sensor cleaned and reprogrammed. I'm just not sure what could be wrong. It always seems to be a guessing game when making repairs on this van. Any help or ideas you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

2007 kia sedona ex drivers side front vents don't work.The passengers side work.

I am getting fuel (pistons are wet). I am getting fire when I ground plug and crank. When I firs start cranking it hits but after motor turns a couple times it stops hitting. Any ideas?

when took car for m.o.t the man said he spotted a very small oil leak on the pipe that runs the length of the car to the rear heater,also where is the best place to get the pipe and also whats the exact name of the pipe?

Now the key won't come out of the ignition. What can I do?