2006 Kia Sedona Questions

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had my car in the shop and was told the single black wire that connects to the module was burned out that is why the air comes on and off but was told only Kia would have the part cannot locate this by looking on line.

slinging grease out of driver side boot and passenger side

I recently bought a used 2006 Kia Sedona with 94,000 miles on it. Now I realize that my timing chain is defiantly loose at startup for a few seconds until enough hydraulic pressure builds up on the tensioner. Now that I know the problem should I have the engine pulled and have the timing chain and the tensioner replaced or is this an issue that can be ignored for 50,000 miles?

Scanner reads the following codes PO171-bank 1 to lean, PO172-bank 1 to rich, PO174-bank 2 to lean, PO-175-bank 2 to rich, P2187-bank 1 to lean, P2188-bank 1 to rich, P2189-to lean at idle, P2199- to rich at idle. Replaced air filter, checked for vacuum leaks(none)and cleaned throttle body and MAF sensor, not sure where to go from there, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Recently serviced it has come back with this tapping. It has been sent back and had the engine flushed and injectors cleaned but it is still there. Please can someone help? Is it coincidental it's started after a service?

Kia wants to charge me $391 to repair my fuel door which needs the latch to be replaced. Is that a fair estimate

V6 3.8ltr petrol 5 speed Automatic

V6 3.8ltr petrol 5 speed automatic

The Kia wouldn't start one day. We towed it to the shop. First, we were told we didn't put oil in the car, and that is why it didn't start. Then we were told it wasn't the oil, it was the starter. We fixed the starter, and we brought it home. 3 days later we were told it wouldn't start. We brought it back, and now we are being told it is the IPN. What is the IPN and how much should it cost to replace? Also, does it seem to anyone else that the mechanic is just guessing?

all warning lights would come on except check engine light and then my low beam lights would blow out. now when I turn the igntion switch on nothing happens.put on computer and it said P0134/ 02 Circuit no activity Detected Bank1 Sensor1 and P2106/ Trottle Activator Control System forced Limited Power can you help me with this problem.

and where is the oil filter

I replaced the battery and it no longer works, it happened to me once before I called the dealer and they walked me through it. They now say they cannot and that I have to take it in. Is there a way to do it yourself?

When the battery is disconnected it will come out. I have replaced the altenater

Plus now it run aweful

Is there a diagram available