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My A/C compressor clutch coil is shot; the resistance on it is 1.6 ohms. So I need to buy the part to replace it and there are plenty online in the $40-50 range but the dealership says my Sedona (based on the VIN) is a different part than all the ones you can find online and that it costs $130!! Seriously?! There are plenty of aftermarket coils out there and NONE of them require you to select from two different types when you order for 2006 year. Does this sound legit?
Won't reverse, only 3rd gear works
The engine light comes on from time to time & everytime is checked the code comes back as secondary fan for the a/c. Today while the a/c was on for about 30mins or so there was smoke coming thru the vents. It stopped once we turned the fans & a/c off.
It takes 45 minutes to an hour for the brakes to release. It seems to be random. All four wheels lock up and brake pedal becomes very hard. There is no warning of any kind that this is going to happen.
The switches at the head dash panel control works and the remote control also works.
my a/c doesn't work because the Freon was low but when I topped it off and then turned on the a/c the compressor kicked on for a second and blew a burst of cold air but now when there is pressure in the system I hear a whistling/hissing sound from behind my dash. and I can see the pressure in the system fall. is this the expansion valve? also this van have 318500 miles and runs pretty good. no rust no bushing issues. it will hold pressure if the a/c is turned off
When I put in the key, all lights come on as usual, but when I turn the key to start, I lose all lights and no start or even a click. Seems I am losing all power somewhere. Changed out the NSS, TSP, and new starter and solenoid all checked good.
Blinker and flashers work,but no running light or brake lights
136000 thousand miles do I change spark plugs 2006 kiasedona
First side door snapped a couple years ago, Kia wanted over $1000 to replace. Now the other doors cable just snapped. Is there another option to fix this wire cable. Can only open the door half way.
It is for a 2006 kia grand is knocking on the start about 2 to 5 seconds..
So i couldnt afford to pay the mechanic because all they mention is to rebuilt the engine but the engine is running well, only the knocking on start up after every half an hour.where do I start from until the job is done please. I fixed my own but Im still need some hints and some help please
It happened today, only one day after an oil change.
My son stuck a screwdriver into the ignition tumbler breaking it. I can not put the key all the way in. Wanting to figure out the proceedure behind installing a new module and tumbler with key included
The rear hatch door will start closing on its on and sometimes it will start opening and shutting constantly. It is dangerous because it hits us in the head and will push smaller people down.
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