2005 Kia Sedona Questions

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While driving either on highway or in town. It will jump out of overdrive then feels like it's stuck in high gear. Untill Kia is turned off and then restartee

I have had on ongoing issue with my 2005 Kia Sedona. It starts intermittently when cold and runs fine if it starts. Once I shut it off, chances are it will not restart. It will crank time after time and if I'm lucky it will "catch" before the battery runs out of life. It's getting gas, has spark. I changed the fuel pump, plugs, ignition sensor etc... I am out of ideas. Please, any suggestions?

When I open my gas cap it sounds like I've opened a bottle of soda, and when pumping gas it takes abput 5 gallons then the pump stops as if it is full. I've tried pushing past it, and it continues to happen over and over. The tank isn't even 1/2 full, even when the pump stops.

I replaced the spark plugs but the car still won't start what should I try next?

Slow loss of oil from around gasket

the mechanic says he doesn't know whats wrong with it, its getting fuel just wont start.

125000 miles don't know what to do

Ive located the high port, no problem, but I've not located the low port.

My husband took the battery out last night to replace the battery and now the alarm keeps going off when he connects the battery and it won't start and the alarm will only go off if he unhooks the battery. How do we get it to shut off so the van will start.

Exactly where is it located, are there more than one does the timing cover top come off or the whole cover must come off?

It leaks out when in drive

van stalled and wont start. battery is fine and so is starter.