2004 Kia Sedona Questions

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It sounds like it is trying to turn over but it doesn't right away, the vehicle stalls after a few minutes of driving and the check engine light is on. Put it on a computer and the code that came up was related to the crankshaft sensor.
To me it seems like it's not getting no gas. When we ran out of gas trying to get some gas. It's been doing that every since.
The overheating happened once and I had it towed to my house.However the AC has been blowing from cold to hot for a few weeks
No A.C. Light and can't control the air flow!! .?
No control of air flow and ac light does not come on
Engine runs fine and there is No lights on indicating that something is wrong
The fuel pressure regulator and it's still not working it still misfiring
After reading many q and A's I would like to know what should be my next step. I know that tune up, fuel pump, anti-theft system, and possibly transmission change. I mainly feel a hesitation when taking off into first and second gear. Also the engine feels tight possibly a belt. I do know that it is time to change the timing belt as well. Should I just do all of them where should I start. We have taken it to have the check engine light codes tested.
Just at stop light and wont go
Check engine light is on, no power
Car is running very rough and engine sometimes draggs.
I need to clean the seat to remove smell from a rotten chicken. The chicken didn't make it to the house and stayed in van for several days during heat wave.
The steering wheel sometimes will be hard to turn after starting. Once I am driving it doesn't do that.
I do have codes that displays temperature hot misfires in 2 coil packs and oxygen sensors needed. Could this be the reason the van is overheating or should I look elsewhere for the problem?
can you find out what I need to take it to have this problem corrected
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