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2003 kid Sedona,speedometer works off and on while driving,when it stops working,the lighted letters go out d for drive on the gauges
Could it be the blower motor?
My Kia was fine and last night went out to go home and it would not start. I have located the fuel pump and it does not seem to be working. Before replacing I wanted to see if there was a reset button or something else to try
I just had a brand new starter put on my van when I went to start it the alarm went off it wouldn't turn off with the key pad and it wouldn't start it would turn over with the clicking noise... I replaced the battery in the key pad and tried it again still wouldn't start I tried to jump start it and the alarm went crazy and wouldn't
When I accelerate, my steering wheel shakes, and the car is shimmying.
changed fuel pump, no help
changed fuel pump, no help
I picked my car up from a mechanic today. All was well.
I decided to replace two tires with new ones on the way home from the car repair shop. After the tires were replaced from NTB, my speedometer no longer moved from zero.
I had new timing belt out on and now when I push gas petal to accelerate and it makes pooping pow noise. And don't. Go about 55-60 mph?? Someone help!
Nothing will come on an will not shift in any gears head lights only comes on ! What is wrong??? What can I do to fix this problem
I released the parking brake and the handle came off in my hand. The handle is attached to the brake by a screw. The part that broke off is inside the handle. So how difficult (and expensive?) is this to
regarding the ac
nothing else
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