2008 Kia Rondo Questions

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Sounds like it's not getting fuel
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just won't start
when I turn on my heat my a/c light is always lit
when i turn my car heat on the a/c comes on

Groaning sound started about 4000 miles ago.
do they run for more than 300000 miles
Also both normal and recirculating indicator lights glow when a/c selector is in one of the normal positions (head/feet, etc.) Diagnosed as Control Head problem. I don't find a part by that name - find Elec Engine Control Module or Elec Chassis Control Module. Which Module would apply or what else could be the problem?
The blower seems to have sufficient power its just not coming through the vents like it should. what air is coming out is very cold. when changing the recirculate switch back and forth there is no noticeable change in the sound of the air. usually the air blowing sound is noticeably louder when recirculate is turned on. could there be a bad actuator? if so which one.
their is a latch that lifts up the cargo floor to revel storage under it. Whre can I buy a replacement latch besides the dealer.
But occasionally it will come for a while and goes off
After taking a fairly short drive (less than 5km), the ignition would not shut off, even after removing the key from the ignition (which was in the off position).

I switched the ignition from "lock" to "on" multiple times with no success. Eventually, I drove back to work, where the ignition turned off properly.

I do not have a remote starter installed.
Just curious because of the Bluetooth option . I have access to a unit and don't want to take it all apart if it won't work. Thanks
I turn the key n the radio n lights come on the gages move a lil but the car wont start after letting it sit for hours it started right up but the dealer i bought it from sy the battery starter n alternater is good so what do u think its is on this 2008kia rondo
We have used the key thing & also have tried to unlock with the buttons inside...nope won't open. All other doors ok so far. Any idea what we can do. We live 300 miles from nearest KIA dealer. It's got over 50000 miles so is no longer under warranty. Thank you
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