2007 Kia Rondo Questions

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It will crank but not turn over. We have replaced the timing belt and spark plugs and it still won't start. There is no codes on the code reader and the battery is good.
I drove it home but I could mash gas pedal and it wouldn't go hardly go over 10mph
Drove 10 miles first day and it was fine. Drove 2 miles 2nd day and light came on, help! Any ideas?
How to unlock 07 kia rondo out of theft mode?
got an oil change, and it turned off momentarily while driving but i parked it and got it turn back on. today went to turn car on and it wont even turn over. need help asap please
I just bought this car/van/suv whatever it is. It drives great! But the check engine light just came on. :( The code reads p0011. I went to a kwik car place they said its the timing kit, talked to a kia dealer they said its typically the sensor, last I went to auto zone where the mechanics said I should replace the timing chain... At this point I have no clue who to trust. I am a single mom, I also just moved to a new state, I don't know anyone here! Please help if you can!
I just bought a used 2007 kia rondo and the back passanger side door wont open from the inside or outside. I got the door panel off but I still can't figure ot out. Will I have to or can I take the entire door off if I can't open it?
I recently replaced the tensioner idler pulley. Now my serpentine belt is developing a groove about 1/8" from the inside edge. Any idea what it could be rubbing on? Thanks!
Is it a cable or electronic
When I start my car, the blower motor comes on after about 5 seconds. It runs really loud. When I shut my car off, the sound goes away. What is goin on?
Car has only 120,000 kms on it. Too early for a connecting rod isn't it? Not driven hard. Some cars just make a sound like this after so many kms, is this common with the Rondo?
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