2007 Kia Rondo Questions

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I need to know what kind of tool is needed to replace a ignition switch for a 2007 kia rondo 2.4l,. Ps. I'm replacing the intire ignition switch, not the cyl.
I do not hear ac compressor click on, ac suddenly blows HOT air
Recomended mileage between tune ups
My ac just suddenly so working while i was driving
we can clear it but as soon as you shut it off its back when you start it. Something about the not recognizing the VIN#
The a/c was rattling, smoking, belt apparently broke. Can it( belt) be replaced and is bypassing the AC an option for this car?
Its a annoying knocking noise no check engine light
I had the timing belt replaced 25,000 miles ago about 2.5 years past? It is now leaking oil from the gasket covers. Should this be happening in such a short time?
My light came on as I drove away from dealer repair shop the next day I returned and was told that it was the vehicle history light.
My CD are stuck in my sterio . The CD won't change nor eject. An error message pop up.
We noticed a little vibration at 119827 and had new pads and rotors resurfaced. No brake pads ever before that and still at 158,000 no pads needed in back as they are still at 6. Always serviced at Kia.
Now every 20-24,000 miles rotors need resurfacing and this time front brake pads needing to be replaced. I'm confused as driving conditions haven't changed, I'm the only driver and have been the only driver. No problems for 120,000 miles and now every 20. Can anyone explain?
My 2.4 engine needs major work or needs to be replaced. The 2.7 engines are more available and are cheaper. Is it possible to just convert to the 2.7 engine?
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