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I push the starter. Everything electronic turns on but the car starter clicks once and then does nothing. Is this the starter? I cleaned the battery connections and nothing. Please help!
How long have you had this problem? Yesterday. Did it one single time before. Thought it was a fluke.
It will not go into 2nd gear. Could it be the transmission fluid. Can it be changed, checked or more added ànd how hard is it. Also about how much should it cơst. I was told the transmission may need to be replaced. How much should that cost. Thank you for your help.
There has been a couple occasions where my car will make a screeching noise and sounds like I hit something when changing my gear from reverse to drive. I experimented last time it happened; when changing the gear (didn't drive my car) from park to drive it made a noise that sounded like my car was dropping (big thud) and when i put it in park it would shoot forward and then bounce back. I noticed where my car normally says the gear that it is in wasn't on both time this has happened.0, but when I op turn my car off and back on it works again as if nothing is wrong.
My seatbelts driver and passenger, not working properly, why car is only 2 yeara old. Is adjustment or repair under 7 year extended warranty. My old Pontiac Sunfire did not have this problem, until after 12 years or more, whats up. Thank You N.M.
My car has these symptoms: TSB-eng131 may 13 engine controls - knock/ping on moderate to heavy accel.
just finish servicing at the service center but no one month i expierience it again !!! can somebody help me!?
compressor don't work no positive no compressor
It was in an accident
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