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Had oil changed on 20 Jan 18 and was told there was gas in the oil. I have the oil changed every three months and this is the first time this has happened since I owned the car a little over 2 years.
I was in my car yesterday and when I came to a complete stop at a stop sign I went to take off my car wanted to pick up speed very slow until it got to 2 RPMs and then it wanted to pick up speed faster I couldn't get my car to shift into 2nd gear it was stuck in first gear I noticed it wasn't shifting right when I noticed that the engine was revving when I got up to 50 it was clear up to 4 RPMs and normally my car stays at 2 RPMs at 60 my check engine light is not on and I'm not sure what to do or how to fix it can anyone help thank you Cynthia
top of engine noisy
no power to the radio in a 2008 kia rio all fues good ??
All of a sudden cut off
The light for OD off just came on and the button on the shifter for OD does nothing anymore. I cannot afford a shop right now. Could it be a fuse that I could change myself?
where do you put the spark o plugs on a kia rio? does it goes on the front side or on the top, or it goes on the back side?
it will off and want some time before it start again when i am using ac, very hot engine with steem coming out.
this is the first time the engine light has come on
if that is in fact the problem what is best thing to do? I was told i would need to get another ignition with key. Can the old one b reconditioned so I don't have to change the key.
was told possibly need to buy a new ignition w key. Does this car have anti theft and a key with a chip?
Took car apart to make sure everything was lined properly and it was we replaced bearing clutch and pressure plate..why is same noise still here? Help please
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