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2006 Kia rio driving then enging stop
Car will run good i u give it gas slowly but rapid give it gas motor shakes and misses when u ride it if you go down on the pedal in 4th 5th when rpms are lower. starts good, idels good please help
Every now and again the dash shuts down
my car is kia picanto
Have replaced the coil on all plugs within last 20,000 miles. This was happening before coil replacement. Any ideas?
I am interested in buying a 2006 Rio but it lost 4th gear. I want to be able to do highway driving. Can I fix it or do i get a new transmission?
changed the fuel pump, all plugs have fire , checked the injectors and it has fuel. Did find oil in cylinder number 4, which indicates a valve cover seal, but car should start. sprayed starter in the intake still no start.What else can it be?
My 2006 automatic Kia Rio LX recently just died on me while I was driving. I'll admit I was a little overdue on an oil change as well. I checked it, it was dead empty so I filled it back up with the same synthetic oil I always use. But the car still doesn't start. It turns over really slowly, like it's not catching on something. It turns about 5 or 6 times slowly before it just quits.

My father and I believe it to be the starter. We followed the positive battery line and it led us behind the engine block. I'm no mechanic, but having it attached to the engine block in an inaccessible position seems unusual. We don't have the correct tools to be able to drop the engine safely to check. I was thinking about just folding and sending it in to our local shop.

Any help?
On my Kia Rio 2006, every time we put gas in the tank, it takes a minute before it starts. Code reader said air leak, but where would it be? We have changed the gas cap to be sure it is not leaking, but no help. Where else could air get into the gas line? The car starts normally after the cap is sealed and will start normally till we put more gas in. Then its crank crank crank for a minute till it starts.
Have a check engine light on, code says misfire on cylinder one. Which is cylinder one on this car. Looked at from the front of car. Are they in sequential order left to right or right to left or mixed?
I've replaced my pistons less than 12 months ago and my car is doing exactly the same as it was before. Why is the pistons stuffing up again and fracturing. Please help.
it wont start tank is full of gas
I took my car to an auto parts store to run a diagnostic for my check engine light. The guy there said it won't work due to my cigarette lighter not working. He checked my fuses in the car and they were all fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I want to write a very positive review about my KIA RIO!
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