2004 Kia Rio Questions

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Driver door is locked and won't open. The central locking keeps lo king itself and I have to get in on passengers side
the car will not take more than $1.25 before it acts like it is full and pour out as if you overfilled it. This happened about 4 years ago and the dealership replaced the fuel tank. Now it is happening again. Is there anything to do short of replacing it again?
My Kia will not pass state inspection because the 02 sensor and the evap system keeps saying not ready. My battery is at 12.6 voltage and my alternator is good and there is no engine light coming on. How do I get it to pass inspection?
Why does it die when I put it in park after driving it
code P0128, how can be, it is real hot , then is the sensor the problem?
I have a 2004 Kia Rio not sure on the cylinder but I changed the radiator because I was told the old one was bad so we replaced it. Drove it home then it was fine it has been parked for about 3 weeks started fine twice, on for about half an hour but the hole time it was on it kept blowing out white smoke. What can be the cause of that? Help
Not seized replaced starter but still not working
it reads codep0030 02 censor bank one. I had the censor replaced then replaced again then had a new harness put on but the light is still there it comes on and goes off everyday. what could be the problem?
my car is leaking tramission fluid
The transmission fluid is leaking and was told today after having a wheel bearing replace. What is a servo cap and is it expensive to be replaced?
It has been very hesitant when I press the gas it jerks and then it starts driving but when I stop at light or stop sign it starts the hesitation again. So I am constantly trying to drive and it has this hesitation. My husband check and put in more transmission fluid but it was full and still having this problem Why does this happen and is it fixable? Please help thank you!
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