2001 Kia Rio Questions

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I have changed plugs...transmission fluid..fuel pump but still the problem exist. It picks slowly at first gear after I have applied brakes..but other gears changes effectively
door key wont work pulling up lock dont work lock will pull up just dont unlock door
The tentioner after replacing the belts
Heat will not come on unless you push and hold the buttons in
been going on since mid july. towed 5 times and works after each tow. removed cat and put in flex pipe. worked for 1 wk and then quit in pking lot. i never know when or if it will start again.sporatic,then doesnt work, then does.
Used one put on before the new one and it's still doing the same thing. I thought well maybe the used one was bad, but the new one to. I also have a new battery in it. So what do I do? Could it be an electrical problem or should I take the new one back?
after changing speed sensor no o/d car starts out in drive gear can manually start in 1st then upshift to 2nd but seems like drive gear and will not shift. need help please
1 motor mount, the one closest to the radiator
Why is there oil in my spark plugs, loss of power, but no smoke coming from the engine?
But there is no smoke coming from the car
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