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Window button is operating door locks not window.
I first noticed it within the first week of buying the car, as it was shifting up 1-3 gears, it was yanking, shifting really hard! I switched it into manual and it seemed to stop. Probably 3 weeks later it did it for the second time, shifting 1-3 gears going up, and back down. Both occasions I attributed it to not warming the car up before I took off. Now I’ve owned the car about 3 months, and it’s doing it much more frequently. Sometimes it’ll do it as soon as I take off, but then I get a few miles down the road and it stops. Other times it continues to do this. It literally feels like the transmission is being yanked out. I see that there is no way for me to check the transmission fluid. I’ve tried switching between the Eco being on and off, it seemed to help at first, but not so much anymore. No fluids are leaking, no noises, has anyone else experienced this problem? And what should I do? The 1st day it began, the check engine light also came on. Code read was very small emissionlk.
I went to push the gas pedal to accelerate and my car went poof and died ...we put in a new battery and a new starter and it still wont start. We tried jump starting it and it wont start. Those lights are the ones on my dash after putting in new starter and battety.
My 2011 Kia Optima won't start, before we have been able to jump it. Now it just cranks and won't start.
It just happened one day just like any other day started car went to shift to reverse and it wouldn't so now everytime I have to stick something in the emergency release to shift why?
Received this code today what does this mean.
Every time she moves or turn steering wheel, it clicks like it's going get stuck at any time. I don't want her to have any more issues can't afford get this fixed, I don't work. Is this car a recall?
never moves
I have every record of all of my oil changes on time, now my car is ruined but there is no recall on this?
Ran left front up on cement divider yr ago. Was difficult to back it off the divider. Steering has play when turn steering wheel to left sitting still. Whining noise gets louder when accelerate. Noise more prominent now than in beginning. Tire light came on recently. Put air in front tires but light still on. Dont know if that has anything to do with other issues. Nothing leaking under car. Steering mechanic issues, drive shaft shifted????
Happening more often, but usually happens after driving ten or more miles. Blows hot air.
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