2008 Kia Optima Questions

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I'm trying to do a radiator flush but I'm not sure what coolant to use
It doesn't blow, the light on the panel doesn't come on and the light for the front window defrost will not go off.
There is a circular led light around the ignition that is suppose to go off 10 seconds after the door closes. IT never goes off. They have replace the ignition and other unnameable parts to a totally or $704, light still does not go off unless the ignition is on.
I replaced many alternators from autozone for 2008 kia optima 2.4L and they don't charge my brand new battery. What is the problem?
I feel hot air but fan does not work
Took car some where else to get oil changed again didn't help is the motor bad now read on internet not to use fram filter in kia
After it wouldn't start, I tried to jump it. Nothing. Towed it
To local shop. Code was 625. No spark to engine.
He couldn't fix it. Towed to kia dealer. They say needs a
New throttle relay system, alternator, drive belt.
What to believe?
On occasion the car will not start. It appears to have some power to the inside of the vehicle but it will not turn over.
Ive opened and checked the fuse box it seems ok.
battery cables are ok
Battery is good
a/c is okay!
Thermostat okay!
Control value okay!
The car starts slow then sputters, light comes on and then flashes. I got a tune up and have taken the car back 3 times. 2nd shop said they would fix it, light came on this morning on the way to work. New Plugs, air filter, gasket maker, 2 coils, 1 intake gasket. I still can't drive this car. I was told the car misfired on 2 and 5, but no one can fix the car.
For a few weeks now I have had trouble starting my car. Then shortly after it wouldn't accelerate. I noticed that if I stepped on the gas, but kept it under 2500 rpms it was ok. But anything over that it just won't go. There are no sensor lights on. I did have a minor accident where I needed the front end fixed, including the radiator. I hit a truck with a trailer hitch at about 5 mph. I don't know if that could have caused this problem or not. Help with any ideas would be great!
When i turn my headlights on my dash light won't light. I cannot see the speedometer, etc. Why? and more so how do i get it to light again? It wasn't the fuse, at least the mechanic said so.
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