2005 Kia Optima Questions

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idel seems to got worse as the engine warms up
I have removed all screws but something behind arm rest is stoping removal lcan't see any obvious cause.
Front or back and I have to press the breaks really hard to take out of park
I check the blower motor, resistor, and relay around glove compartment . I m getting power and blower is working.
I replaced the air compressor and needed to install new expansion valve and filter drier. But cannot locate the filter drier at all. Mayb someone could help me please
Car has 98k miles cranks then cuts off idk what to do please help me out thanks
My windshield wipers wont turn off and the fluid keeps coming out, it occured after my brights got stuck on and wouldnt turn off
My 05 Kia Optima when it is shifting into 2nd and 3rd gear sometimes it will hesitate like it isn't going to shift then it will slam into gear.
I just got the vehicle and notice that the ac stays running even when I turn the knob off on the ac panel inside the vehicle
kia magentis 2005 model my car is losing power on acceleration in first and second gear
It has no power in first and second gear
This morning when I started it up it now has a vibration. What is wrong now?
went to crank car in morning , motor shook then check engine light came on and now shutters or misses when you try to drive it , cant get above thirty
door unlocked but latch will not release using either inside or outside handle.
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