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I had my car serviced recently and my mechanic informed me of the condition of the sub frame. Its rotted out pretty bad. Im not sure if its gotten worse since the recall work was done. He suggests replacing the sub frame. Is this an expensive job and do I need to replace it considering the recall work was done.

It vibrates worse when its cold and in drive . But not in neutral and now its making transmission slip sometimes. Could it be timing belt tensioner?

my car will not crank sometimes ,maybe weeks and it does it again had it towed and it was the sensor harness ,but can not find the part please help

Does the alternator belt have to be a 04 Kia optima for the car so start? Everything has been done to this car and it's not a chip in the key problem and it still want start, no codes will show when I run a diagnostic test. Thanks

Can someone tell me about my 2004 Kia Optima LX? It is getting fire & fuel, replaced crank sensor and timing belt, plugs & wires are good and the car still want start any suggestions? Thanks

none have no idea

This vehicle was purchased from a family member and this is the second time it's done this. The first time they took car back and apparently put in New alternator and battery. This time vehicle stopped running while driving on why 17. The vehicle was towed and when the key is turned the lights and electric comes on but it won't start. How do I troubleshoot and find out what this could be.

Runs and starts fine after driving for awhile it slows down till it comes to a halt. After letting it cool down it will run normal for another while. Had the transmission oil changed still the same what can it be

I need to know if I have to remove the whole door panel, if I do, do you show the way to remove either the door panel, or speaker or both?

I had a new fly wheel and clutch kit put in now 2 weeks later there is a big puddle of transmission fluid under the car, what causes this.

have a 2004 kia optima that has a check engine light on and the ABS light. also this car had a collision on the right front fender area

Replace spark plugs double check gap double check for new order now car won't start

My Car hesitates when I go over 30 and really stalls going up any hill. could that be the throttle body sensor?

And the cost not becoming the customer have recalls on the part of this vehicle but not the door and there are over 100 hundred complaints about the same things.

ive tries 3 new bulbs and still no lights