2004 Kia Optima Questions

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In park or driving I notice that of a split second my car shakes and makes this low growl noise and the headlight dim. The shake feels as if the engine wants to die or stall out. Its never died and it always starts. I had auto zone check battery and alternator- no error codes . no warning lights on. Just had a oil change and the serpentine belt and tensioner pulley replace by a low budget auto shop that will never work on my car again.

the car wouldn't start but has a little gas from the gas hand.

My battery light came on and I got it tested and the alternator. Alternator is fine battery a little weak but i have no issues cranking it. Any thoughts of anything else that may be going on?

I replaced the starter n battery n still clicks...what is wrong with the car

This is the only time it causes a problem cranking.

Today, I just got my car cleaned and when I got back into my car, the AC is not working. Air will blow out but not cold. None of the climate control buttons work, only button that turns on is the rear defrost button. When that button is pushed it makes a clicking sound. I changed the fuses for the AC and nothing worked. Can it be an electrical problem? If so or no, what is the issue here? It is 80+ degrees outside, and I need my AC to be working!! Thank you for any of your help!

car acts and sounds as though it is not recieving fuel. checked the fuel line coming off of fuel rail and pump works properly. checked all spark plugs and can see noticable spark from 4 of the 6 plugs would this cause the car not to start? what else can i check?

shift I shut the engine off and started again it still was locked in park I kept pushing down and finally I could shift to drive. This has happened twice in the pass two months. I have 138000 miles. I"m due for automatic transaxlefluid and manual transmission fluid. Thanks for your input

they ate staying on constantly... and my cruise control will not set!!

While im driving, i get up to 30mph and the car begins to shake. I let go of the gas pedal slowly and it stops. Sometimes it shakes really bad sometimes it shakes just a little. The shaking seems like its coming from the front drivers side. I switched the tire to the back and its still the same. I already checked the balance of the tires and they are fine. What could it be?

I would put my car on cruise and it'll start acting funny at times. Its starts off by speeding up (ex: cruise is set at 60mph, and speeds up to 61 then lay off the gas and repeats). Then itll turn the cruise off on the dash (not the on/off cruise). Then once you get it back on cruise, it goes on high rpms for about a 1/4 of a mile at 60 mph. My speedometer drops sometimes 10 mph less than the speed limit it was on or goes straight to zero for about 150-200 yrds. All of this happens randomly, nothing changes if I have 90 degree heat, 62 degree A/C, or with the windows rolled down. It does have sports mode but I haven't used it and it is a used vehicle. The previous owner was also having problems with it. Took it to the shop and the mechanics there couldn't find the problem, nor was it throwing any codes (still not throwing codes).

where can an evap control system pressure sensor high be purchased