2004 Kia Optima Questions

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My car failed emissions because the battery died how many miles do I need to drive before I can have another emissions test done
I have a knocking around the pulley side of the engine. No check engine light. sounds like it is coming from the idler?? or crankshaft pulley. i cannot tell. Thanks.
i have replaced the compressor, condenser, dryer, accumulator, and radiator. when i try to fill with r134a it doesn't take much and i don't think my compressor is running. i have an expansion vale to replace too, but i need to know if i going down the right path or not. Thanks.
Sound is good . This is the second time
My car cranks fine. When I put it into drive and give it some gas it cuts off sometimes. Then I can drive about a mile at good speed but as soon as I come to a complete stop to start driving again my car only goes about 5mph and then it won't accelerate at all.
Replaced the battery and Alternator fuse. Alternator is new as well.
power have been connect back still do not work door locks
where is the ecm located on 2004 kia optima
2004 Kia Optima. I have changed feul pump only you find out later the old one was still working. I have changed feul pump relay. When you turn the key it cranks, but won't turn over. We are getting power to the pigtail for the gas gauge. But the same pigtail we aren't getting power for the feul pump. On the data link, we bypassed everything and the feul pump came on. So now we are thinking it has something to do with the ignition switch/cylinder? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I can't keep buying parts just to find out the part I took off still works.
My car will crank but not start I open the hood to only find out a pigtail was broke but I've searched and searchrd and CANNOT this part anywhere can you guys PLEASEEEEE help me it's on the left side by on the engine it's apart on the engine
My check engine light has been on since I got the car (3 months ago) but starting about 2 days ago my car started shaking really bad when I go under 45mph or at stops/idling. When I go over 45mph it seems to stop. There is a delay on taking off. And sometimes I'll be driving and it cut to where I cant go over 20-25mph and sometimes the car just dies and have to sit for about 5 minutes before I can turn it back on. I'm new to being a car owner so any advice will be appreciated. I don't want to take it somewhere where I'll be given the run around and talked into buying things I really don't need.
I believe it's coming from the driver side front under the car. It only does it once and I can feel it in the floorboard. It will be louder if I'm on an uphill stopped and then accelerate. I had to get the control arm in the front replaced and I put 4 new tires on it about 2 weeks ago. Please advise what this may be as I feel like my axel is going to fall out while I'm driving. (I'm over exaggerating...I hope!)
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