2003 Kia Optima Questions

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I bought my car new and have never seen this happen to a car. I have hundred thousand miles on my car now. the pealing started 4 months ago and I have been told nothing can been done. I have had many cars over the years and have never seen this. I was told everything works on a point system and was asked if my parents ever owned a kIA My parents have been dead for 20 yrs. I was then asked if any other members of my family owned one. I'm 70 yearse their for 4 hrs. crazy. I do take my car to be serviced every 3 months at my own place and if anything needs to be done it is, and at a lower price then what KIA charges. I was told the more points I got the better my chances were to have something done. Really? The DM was not helpful at all and would not ever suggest what i could do. My next step after this will be the TV station.
Location of the fuel pump?
It will start again after it cools off
Motor died at signal, starts but not very long and runs real ruff with load clanking sound in motor. Oil looks burnt. No overheating or oil light coming on does anyone know what it could be?
When fueling at gas station the pump will stop and I can hear the gas gurgling down than I can pump some more gas and same thing happens. It takes 10 minutes to fuel 5 dollars. When I start my car it will turn on than shut off. I need advise.
It's back down by the firewall. I need help please.
the starter and battery are good, but it just will not turn over, I use to knock on the starter, but it is still goo, but now itjust clicks when I tried to start it
Sometimes the brake pedal seems like it isn't really working and the car doesn't want to stop. If you press too hard, one of the the wheels locks up. And sometimes when you step on the brake, the car pulls to the left.
My car isn't starting and I think it is this sensor.
Took it to a garage, not sure they filled with Kia specific fluid!
Every connector every ground everything is hooked up properly please help I have exhausted every idea one of the engine coach is idle air control but I don't think that would cause all 12 of these codes
won't start some times. replaced the censor but that did not fix the problem
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